Visualisation - Myth or an Open Secret?

What is visualisation?

Collectively, visualization is the process of creating mental images or intentions about what you want to happen, and picturing how this will feel in reality. You must fully believe in the outcome and how you’re going to achieve it. Techniques and tactics can be incorporated into the visualisation process to engage with all your senses. Please, take a glance at this lovely example:

What are the benefits of visualisation?

It’s a self-confidence booster! An easy way to increase your self-believe, which is a starting engine for all your efforts. You wouldn’t be training everyday if you didn’t believe in your abilities. It is also important to note that sometimes your thoughts may be negative. Especially if you are afraid of making little mistakes that could affect the outcomes of your performance, or if you feel like you are not as strong in a particular element of your sport as you should be. Visualisation is a process of imagination, but intentional imagination, you have to sit behind the steering wheel of your thoughts, which is not that easy.
Like every aspect of human life we can improve and develop it, in order to take full control of it! The most important advice you can listen to is: Do not try to eliminate negative thoughts, acknowledge them as an observer, and steer your thoughts back on to your desired pathway. Another significant benefit of repeated visualisation is the feeling of calmness due to the familiarisation process. On the grounds that you have seen it, experienced and lived it so many times, that when it actually comes to the competition you are much more relaxed. Your surroundings will look, feel and sound familiar to your training.
Research has demonstrated that there is a strong scientific basis behind the success of visualisation. It is a well-proven fact that we stimulate the same brain regions when we visualize an action as when we actually perform that same action.
There is a great number of extremely successful athletes (who you may admire) that have successfully achieved their desired results. You can guarantee that many of them have incorporated visualisation into a daily part of their training regime. In fact, some of them spend hours, yes hours on daily visualisation. So if you are someone who has a bit more resistance to trying new things, I will tell you that: YOU HAVE NOTHING TOO LOSE BUT SO MUCH TO GAIN! Moreover, what is the quickest way to achieve success? By imitating! Find someone who did what you want to do and learn from them. Be inspired by the example of champions.